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The Case for Casein – Build muscle and reduce body fat – while you sleep!

By Duke Nukem

It takes science awhile to catch up to bodybuilding and it takes bodybuilding awhile to catch up to John Parrillo. Case in point: casein. Parrillo Hi-Protein powder™ is a casein protein, one of nature’s highest quality proteins. Casein protein had been somewhat eclipsed with the widespread introduction and popularity of whey-based protein. A lot of bodybuilders mistakenly think that when it comes to protein whey trumps casein: that is a wrong understanding. It is not an either/or situation, it is a use and timing situation. Whey is a hammer while casein is a screwdriver; both (whey/casein) are legitimate tools with legitimate uses. Bodybuilders need to know when to use a hammer and when to use a screwdriver. Think of casein as being synonymous with the slow-release of protein; think of whey as a quick-release of protein. From a bodybuilder’s perspective there are times when a fast-acting protein is appropriate (upon awaking, after training) and there are times that a slow-release of protein is ideal (before bed, mid-afternoon.) John Parrillo alerted the larger bodybuilding community to the benefits of casein decades ago. Now science, late to the party once again, has discovered the benefits of casein protein. It was major news in Britain this past month when scientists released results from a University study that showed that supplementing with casein protein increased lean muscle mass. That was expected, what was unexpected was that study participant simultaneously lost body fat.

Over a 12-week period, 44 participants exercised intensely and supplemented with casein protein, ingesting a specific amount at a specific time, i.e. before bed. All study participants realized measurable gains in lean muscle mass. While it is not surprising that those that weight train and take supplemental protein gained muscle mass, what was surprising was that the same weight-trained test group that supplemented with casein (and despite doing no cardio) also lost “significant amounts” of body fat. The results of the study were featured in many UK Papers including The Sun and The Daily Mail. The research study was conducted by staff professors and scientists at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. The results were published in a scientific journal called Frontiers of Nutrition. 44 fit men were studied over a 12-week period. Half of the test subjects were given a nightly protein shake consisting of 30 grams of casein and 15 grams of carbohydrate. Those that drank the shake gained “significantly” more muscle strength and muscle size than the placebo group. The test subjects were trained identically. They trained together at night and after training everyone drank a shake, 22 shakes contained casein and carbohydrate, 22 shakes were bogus. Scientists had surmised that the consumption of 200 additional calories before bed would “logically” increase body fat. The study results were counterintuitive in that those that weight trained and drank the real shake lost body fat. Mind blowing stuff to be sure. How is it possible that drinking a high calorie shake right before bed could somehow result in fat burning?

One professor said, “The study led me to surmise drinking a protein shake after exercise and before sleep makes the body burn fat more effectively.” This assumes the shake is the right size, contains the right ingredients, possesses the correct macro-nutrient balance and is drank at the right time. The quality of the casein is critically important. Ultimately, everything is contingent on engaging in hardcore Parrillo-style progressive resistance training session. If the training is less than intense, the shake is meaningless. The fact that even the 22 participants that didn’t drink the shakes made gains is an indicator that the training was effective and sufficiently intense. The casein amplified results that were already there.


No mention was made of any dietary restrictions or rules regarding eating done at home. Additionally, no cardio or aerobic exercise was performed. That no cardio or dietary restrictions were imposed makes the fat-burning results even more impressive. Imagine how much better the fat-burning results would have been, could have been, if some Parrillo-style intense cardio had been added? A classical Parrillo approach would have the trainee hit an early morning “fasted cardio” session. For the ultimate in fat-burning a second, shorter cardio session would be done in the evening. One can only imagine how much more spectacular the results would have been if the diets been regulated and aerobic exercise included. The penultimate combination would be weight train at night and after weight training engage in a short intense cardio session. Before bed that night drink a casein shake. Grow muscle and melt off fat as you sleep. Upon awaking, drink a Parrillo Optimized Whey™ shake (only 4 grams of carbs) and perform a fasted cardio session. Assuming the diet is tight, this is an express-train to getting ripped. Without the intense weight training you won’t duplicate the results. If your shake contains the wrong kind of protein or if your casein is anemic, you will not duplicate the study results.

The study scientists reiterate what John Parrillo has been telling us for decades. Parts of the study sound like it was taken straight from the Parrillo Nutrition Manual. “Muscles can only repair themselves when the right building-blocks, amino-acids from protein, are in the blood.” Bodybuilders have known this for 50 years. How do the university scientists explain the loss of body fat, the surprising aspect of the study? Dr. Tim Snijders feels that the study points out that there is a difference between taking a protein supplementation shake during the day and taking the same shake at night, prior to bed. He went on to explain the working hypothesis for the fat loss. “Several one-night studies have shown pre-sleep protein intake, i.e. protein supplementation, increases muscle protein synthesis. After 12-weeks, everyone, all 44 study participants had benefited from the weight training. At the end of 12-weeks both groups (the 22 that drank the real shake and the 22 that drank the placebo) were able to squat significantly more poundage. All 44 participants grew their quadriceps.” Weight training, done right, is beneficial for everyone. “The 22 that drank the actual shake gained significantly more muscle size and increased strength to a far greater degree than those that drank the placebo.” That is more confirmation that protein supplementation is undeniably beneficial when coordinated with a serious weight training regimen. Dr. Snijders noted, “The conclusion is that a pre-sleep casein shake actually increases the rate of fat-burning the following day. This may be because casein ingestion reduces the insulin response.” There can be no fat burning in the presence of insulin. Another potential reason: protein consumption prior to turning in for the night “deepens” sleep and deep sleep can be a prerequisite for the release of growth hormone. Does the combination of intense training, casein protein and deep sleep cause a GH spurt deep in the sleep cycle? This could explain the fat loss while sleeping.


Intense training, done at night, followed by 30-grams of high-BV protein and 15 grams of slow-release carbohydrate, taken before sleep, sets up an ideal situation for inducing growth hormone release. This could certainly account for the nighttime fat loss. Dr. Snijders says “Evidence shows consuming protein improves ‘sleep quality.’” Deep sleep promotes the release of GH. The study also points out, “The human body does not store and release amino acids to maintain circulating levels. Unlike blood glucose, amino acids, protein must be obtained from the diet.” Parrillo Hi-Protein powder™ is a potent source of quality casein. Hi-Protein™ is also delicious: this incredibly flavorful product is legendary. Like a classic French gourmet dish, users, fans, addicts of this incredibly delicious protein shake, forbid John Parrillo to tamper with the original flavor formulations. Parrillo Hi-Protein has the nutritional statistics to back up the taste: zero fat and zero sugar – and no hidden high-fructose corn syrup. Each two-scoop serving size provides 31 grams of high BV protein, 8 grams of slow-release carbohydrate and 160-calories. Is that not nutritional perfection? Hi-Pro comes in five flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, peach and banana. The Hi-Protein™ chocolate flavor has developed a cult-like following. Why not take advantage of this super simple strategy that delivers such outstanding results? How simple is it to mix and drink a delicious casein shake right before bed? Why not amp up the results even further by washing down some “Parrillo Pills” with your casein shake? Elite bodybuilders and strength athletes have long used this bedtime nutritional “supplement stack.”

• Parrillo Hi-Protein powder™: the foundational supplement. Each recommended serving size contains 160-calories with 31 grams of high BV protein and 8 grams of slow-release carbohydrate. With zero sugar and zero fat, this is the perfect casein delivery vehicle.

• Parrillo Liver Amino formula™: each tablet contains 1.5 grams of protein. This is the highest quality beef liver; each tab contains, blood-enriching heme iron, a blood cleanser. Take 5-8 tablets with the protein shake. Tablets will dissolve deep into the sleep cycle.

• Parrillo Enhanced GH Formula™: growth hormone is active after intense training and again deep into the sleep cycle. Take 2-3 Enhanced GH Formula capsules right before bed and create the prerequisites needed for an infusion of growth hormone.


This three-supplement stack (protein drink, liver tabs, GH capsules) floods the body with quality protein and blood-enriching/blood-cleansing heme iron. The Parrillo pre-bed stack takes the positive findings of the Dutch study (casein before bed grows muscle and melts fat) and catapults it into the stratosphere: the beef liver tabs take longer to digest. Just about the time the protein from the Hi-Protein™ shake is exhausted, the beef liver protein comes online. All conditions are ripe for growth hormone secretion. Enhanced GH™ amplifies the entire effort. Perhaps the best aspect to this strategy is that a Hi-Protein shake, mixed properly, is delicious. Many Parrillo Hi-Pro users will mix their shake extra thick by increasing the number of scoops or reducing the amount of water. When mixed thick, Hi-Protein™ takes on a pudding-like consistency. A lot of bigger trainees (guys over 200 pounds) will double the serving size: this will create a mega-shake with 62 grams of protein, 320-calories, 16 grams of carbs with no fat or sugar – that is a lot of powerhouse nutrition in a glass of deliciousness. It would be smart to get on board this train. Start off by training hard, drink a shake, take some pills before bed: do so and grow muscle and reduce body fat while you sleep. This seems like a no-brainer.

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