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The Parrillo Principles – The Bodybuilding Lifestyle

By Duke Nukem

Monday: Jim awoke at 5:00 am. He washed up, dressed and headed to the kitchen. He drank an Optimized Whey™ protein shake (34-grams of high BV protein) washing down six Liver Amino™ tablets, 8 Max Endurance Formula™ capsules along with three each of Muscle Amino™ and Ultimate Amino Formula™ capsules. Jim headed into the garage, snapped on the light and began a 40-minute aerobic session. He listened to music over his headphones as he blasted through the session riding his Old School Schwinn Aerodyne push-pull bike. As was his habit, he “sprinted” for the last two minutes to the finish the session. As he dismounted, he noticed how sweat had dripped off his sweatshirt and formed a puddle on the floor. He felt gratified looking at the sweat puddle; sweat was a sure sign of a productive session. He peeled off his sweat-drenched clothes and threw them directly into the washing machine in the hallway. He showered and made himself breakfast: a vegetable omelet with diced onions, green bell pepper and hot peppers, all sautéed in CapTri® C8 MCT. He’d ingested 60-grams of protein and a pile of fiber by the time he left for work. 


During the day he ate a supplement meal mid-morning and again, mid-afternoon. Jim kept a cannister of Hi-Protein™ powder at work and would make a shake twice daily. He’d drink the shake and eat a Parrillo Energy bar™ or a Parrillo Protein bar™. At lunch he ate a half a rotisserie chicken and a monster salad. Monday was leg training day, so he ate big at lunch. After work he headed to the gym to meet his training partners. They started the leg session with front squats. These were followed by hack squats and leg extensions. The 15 sets of thigh exercise were “tri-setted” (alternated) with 15-sets of calf raises and 15-sets of hamstrings. After 45-sets of legs, Jim wobbled to the water fountain to create his 50/50 Plus™ workout replenishment shake. He headed home and grilled a beautiful portion of steelhead trout. He added Spanish rice and asparagus. Before bed, Jim ate some Parrillo Contest Cookies™. Before bed he drank a Hi-Protein™ shake with two Enhanced GH Formula™ capsules and six Liver Amino Formula™ tabs. He was ingesting protein as he slept.

Tuesday: Jim drank his whey protein shake and increased the duration of his fasted-cardio session from 40 to 42 minutes. He ate a quick breakfast of eggs and oatmeal. He gathered his Tupperware containers and was on the road by 7 am. He would be traveling to job sites and would eat his Parrillo Meals on the go. He’d packed one meal consisting of flank steak, rice, onions and green peppers, all sautéed in CapTri® C8 MCT. His second meal was leftover steelhead along with mixed vegetables with roasted potatoes, all doused in CapTri® C8 MCT. After work he headed to the gym for a heavy chest and arm workout: flat benches were done with different grip widths. The training partners moved onto incline barbell benches, dumbbell flyes and cable crossover. Arms followed: preacher curls, spider curls, seated dumbbell curls and machine curls. Triceps were super-setted with biceps: single-dumbbell overhead press, nose-breakers, pushdowns and pushdowns with the rope handle. As the arms wound down, Jim drank a double serving of 50/50 Plus™ along with his usual “Parrillo Pills.” At diner he ate a perfectly grilled filet of beef along with rice pilaf and spinach. That night before bed he watched TV and ate his favorite Parrillo food: chocolate cake. Still hungry, before bed Jim had a chocolate Hi-Protein™ shake. By taking a handful of Liver Amino Formula™ tablets and Enhanced GH Formula™ amino acids, Jim was getting a protein drip as he slept. 


Wednesday: Jim woke and drank a double serving of Optimized Whey™. He ate a High Fiber Soft Chew bar™. This would be his breakfast. He drove to the local high school track. Every Wednesday a bunch of guys met at 7 am to run the stadium steps, do wind sprints and finish with sub 60-second 440-yard runs. Nothing got his heart rate higher or his competitive juices flowing more than running against other runners. After 60 minutes of this high velocity aerobic work, he typically would lose five pounds of water weight. Since there was no weight training on Wednesday night, it was a perfect day to hit the cardio doubly hard. Jim looked forward to his Wednesday cardio sessions. His was back in the office by 9 am. He was starving by the time he hit the Pollo Loco joint for their incredible chicken and another monster salad. His mid-afternoon supplement meal was a double serving of Optimized Whey™ protein along with a peanut butter delight Parrillo Protein bar™. This particular supplement meal contained 85 grams of protein and 600-calories. It was a power snack that propelled him until dinner. That night he steamed a pound of shrimp and ate a small salad. Stuffed and exhausted, he passed out by 9 pm.

Thursday: no cardio today. His legs were completely fried from running the stadium steps and high velocity sprints of the previous day. No problem, he would give his legs a rest until tomorrow. He slept in, headed to work at 9 and at 1 pm ventured with some office mates to a nearby seafood buffet for lunch. Jim loaded up on grilled fish and crab legs. They had a nice salad bar and Jim ended up eating four plates of clean potent food. His legs were feeling much better; the soreness had pretty-well dissipated. It was good he ate big at lunch because that night Jim underwent another tough workout, heavy shoulders and back: seated press-behind-the-neck, dumbbell overhead press, dumbbell side and front raises. Then onto back training starting with heavy shrugs using straps. These were followed by chins, lat pulldowns and seated rows. This was a body-shattering workout. He was shaking a bit as he drank his post-workout shake, orange cream flavored 50/50 Plus™. He ate a Parrillo Soft Chew bar™ and felt as if he’d been run over with a dump truck. That night he grilled two filet steaks. He had roast potatoes, onions with green peppers, all sautéed in CapTri® C8 MCT.

Friday: another Tupperware day. He would log 300-miles in the car traveling to inspection sites. He packed three Parrillo meals: two meals were tuna salad. One meal was a taco combo of hot sauce, avocado, lettuce wraps, hot peppers and lots of shredded skirt steak. He had a coffee jug filled with a giant Hi-Protein™ shake and ice cubes. He’d eat the meals when stopped at sites and sip the protein drink as he drove. He always kept a box of pecan praline-flavored Soft Chew bars™ in the glove box. He grazed all day long. That night was an easy training session: just arms! Jim and his two training partners worked through four bicep and four tricep exercises. The idea was to use totally different rep ranges, in this, the second arm session of the week. The session began with heavy standing barbell “cheat” curls. These were super-setted with weighted dips. Steep incline dumbbell curls were alternated with E-Z Curl bar nose-breakers. Parrillo “drag” curls were paired with single-dumbbell overhead tricep press. They finished the session with cable curls super-setted with rope handle tricep pushdowns. By sessions end, each man was red and swollen, arms maximally pumped, exhausted yet elated. Jim’s arms shook as he lifted the Tupperware shaker to the gym water fountain. He filled the shaker halfway with cold water and shook it vigorously. He marveled at how good the ice-cold orange cream flavored 50/50 Plus™ post-workout drink tasted. After fifty straight minutes of super-setting, neither man could curl a 5-pound dumbbell. They showered and headed to a local steakhouse where Jim ordered two beef filets and had a gargantuan tomato salad. He had no need for any snacks or supplements when he got home. This was the start of the weekend and it was off to a good start. He felt as if his arms had grown two full inches. The amino acids from those two steaks was creating a creatine tsunami.


Saturday: Jim was not one for sleeping in. He woke at 6 am, dressed, drank his Optimized Whey™ shake and washed down a handful of Max Endurance Formula™. He’d need them. Jim noted on Monday that after his cardio session his sweat reeked of ammonia. This was a telltale sign that his system was producing urea acid. There can be no fat-burning in the presence of ammonia. John Parrillo had worked with elite cyclists and developed a supplement that used amino acids to forestall urea poisoning. Eight Max Endurance™ capsules taken 30-minutes before exercise eliminated the ammonia smell. Jim drove to the club. He was a racquetball player and competed in over-40 years of age “B” league. He was quite athletic and competitive. A three-set match usually took 40-45 minutes. Jimmy usually played two matches. Afterwards, drenched in sweat, he would take a long sauna or a steam bath, alternated with cold showers. He then ate a leisurely lunch at the club snack bar. No weight training today, so he would have a few beers before his tuna melt with a large salad arrived. He would drive home and catch up on e-mails before taking a long nap. He’d awake, put on some coffee and watch a football game. That night, he’d head to a restaurant with his current girlfriend for cocktails and dinner with friends. 

Sunday: As was his Sunday habit, Jim performed a 7 am nature run through a scenic park a few blocks from his condo. It was always deserted at this early hour. Jim leaned into the hills and sprinted the downhill portions. His circuit took 49 minutes to complete. He always sought to improve on his personal best time. He drove from his run straight to the gym. Sunday was a free day. He’d double up on whatever body part he felt needed the extra work. Today he felt good and decided to give his back extra attention. Jim worked up to 455 x 5 in the deadlift and 295 x 5 in the under-grip “Dorian” barbell row. This was followed by dumbbell rows and under-grip chins. In every session done that week, on every exercise, between all heavy sets, each training partner would perform a Parrillo-style fascia stretch. As they got deeper into the training session, the depth of the stretches would increase. Pump, stretch, and finally flex the just pumped and just stretched muscle to the point of cramping. Every Sunday, a training partner would administer a 9-point skinfold caliper test on Jim. The results would be logged and compared to the previous week. Had he added body fat? Lost body fat? Added muscle? Lost muscle? Had he stayed the same? Jim ended his week at a Sunday afternoon BBQ with friends. 

BodyStat provided Jim with the objective information he needed to make intelligent “tweaks.” His overall goal was to add muscle and size. He wanted to add 10 pounds of muscle without adding any body fat. Jim started his mass-building phase sitting right at 10%. His problem was not getting fat, it was adding muscle. He was stuck a 204. He was happy with his cardio and his lifting; he was getting great cardio variety and had not been this fit and capable since his college days as a defensive back. He was setting personal records in lifting in every session. The BodyStat told the truth: he was doing everything right – with one exception – he was not consuming enough clean calories. To nudge the scale upward, his solution was simple. Jim made a commitment to consume ten tablespoons of CapTri® C8 MCT over the course of his day. This would add 1,000 clean calories, calories impossible to end up as body fat. He put CapTri® C8 MCT on his food meals. He put CapTri® C8 MCT in his shakes. He broke the plateau: within six weeks he added seven pounds – with a slight decrease in his body fat percentile. He really wasn’t doing anything different other than being conscientious about ingesting CapTri® C8 MCT calories. Take a cue from Jim and learn how to weave the tenants of the bodybuilding lifestyle into the contours and realities of your life. Where there is a will, there is a way. Figure out a way to make it fit.

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