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By Scott Canatsey – Lead trainer at the Parrillo Performance training facility

For many years people have come in the doors of Parrillo Performance looking to improve their physique, strength and general health and vitality. Once in awhile, a person comes through the door that has a little more than that in mind, and they also have superior genetics to make their transformation nothing short of amazing. One of those people I have encountered here at Parrillo is a young man named Adrian Wadley. He has the mental attitude and the physical ability to become a really good bodybuilder if he continues on this path.

trainers-page-adrian-skinny-before-picAdrian came to us last year around Thanksgiving. He was a whopping 138 lbs and 9% body fat on his first check-in. He was really skinny. Adrian had never done any weight training in his time as an athlete. He had only run and played soccer for a few years. He was in great condition as far as his cardiovascular ability, and he surely had built a ton of mitochondria from running like a maniac for years. That I can only assume is why he is so thin. He also was not eating enough to gain any lean mass at all.

The first thing that has to be worked on with a neophyte like Adrian is his connective tissue strength. In order to lift heavy weight, a person needs to get their ligaments and tendons strong. This is the tissue that holds bones and muscles together. The muscle will become stronger at a faster pace, as it is much easier to build muscle. In light of this fact, the first three months we focused on strengthening his connective tissue in preparation for the heavier training coming in the next phase of training.

trainers-page-adrian-squatDuring this fundamental training phase Adrian put on about 20 lbs of muscle. He was eating up and getting over 4,000 calories daily as we worked on basic exercises using a standard “push-pull” routine. We worked chest and triceps on day one, Legs on day two, and back and biceps on day three. This routine allows for plenty of rest and a lot of compound movements to build overall strength and size while building strong tendons and ligaments. Moderate weight allows for quality movements in the biggest range of motion. This created some great training habits that will serve him through his entire lifting and bodybuilding life.

Month four was the beginning of Adrian’s hardcore training regimen. We switched Adrian to a five day split routine that allowed for more isolation of body parts and more volume added to each training session. This is when Adrian’s physique really began to explode. Suddenly going up in weight on all lifts, especially squat, dead lift and heavy bench, Adrian’s appetite grew and his body began to take on a much rounder shape. Adrian began to believe that he can be a good bodybuilder. With this epiphany came a surge of motivation and mental strength and acuity that he had not exhibited before. And this change had an exponential affect that caused him to take his bodybuilding endeavor to another level.

Adrian began taking his supplementation more seriously. I had advised him that there would come a time that he would need to supplement some of his protein, and increase the scope of his nutrition by supplementing essential vitamins and minerals. He also began cranking up the CapTri® C8 MCT to 8-10 tbsps daily, to increase his caloric intake and spare some protein and carbs, while adding a preferential energy source. The body uses ketones before it uses glucose for energy. CapTri® C8 MCT is a game changer. This is the best way to increase calories when a person is having trouble eating more food.

trainers-page-adrian-armsNow at 175 lbs, Adrian is seeing himself as a bodybuilder. We have begun posing and learning how to display the great physique he is creating. This type of work takes the physique to another level on its own. The mind to muscle connection that is created from posing and flexing muscle is paramount to artistically creating an outstanding and beautiful physique. Spending a little time between sets to pose the pumped muscle, increases muscle density and allows a chance to observe the physique for flaws and areas in need of improvement.

Looking forward, Adrian has some aspirations to be a competitive bodybuilder, but not right away. He really wants to get a couple of years under his belt working with the professionals here at Parrillo Performance, learning all aspects of the bodybuilding lifestyle, before he takes on the task of preparing for a bodybuilding event. He understands the time and effort and commitment necessary to properly prepare for a bodybuilding show. He does not take it lightly, as he respects the other athletes on the stage who have done their work to prepare. He wants to know he has a chance to win before he hits the stage. He gets a great reality check here at Parrillo.

No matter what Adrian does, he is the kind of man that does his level best. I look forward to continuing to work with Adrian to make his bodybuilding dream come true. Being that he is a very young man, he has many years to hone his physique and learn to display it artistically. He has the ability to take his physique to the highest level of Bodybuilding competition. Keep an eye on this guy! He will certainly build an impressive physique if he continues on his path of living the Parrillo Performance bodybuilding lifestyle.

~Until next month~

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