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Tito Dudley-Indomitable bodybuilder overcomes cancer

Tito Dudley

Tito Dudley is one of New York City’s top natural bodybuilders. Tito has been living the bodybuilding lifestyle since age 15 and has been competing since age 20. Now age 28, Mr. Dudley is a fulltime fitness professional, and rapidly coming into his own as a mature bodybuilder entering into his prime competitive years. “My physique really took off when I began working with Dr. Mike Feulner.” Tito related. “Mike revamped my approach to nutrition and introduced me to Parrillo supplements. I really took to Mike’s unique nutritional strategy; which I later determined is nearly identical to the Parrillo approach towards nutrition. Mike had me take a wide variety of Parrillo supplements and my body responded quickly and dramatically.

I was shocked how good they tasted and how potent Parrillo supplements really are.” Tito is just the latest in a long line of top bodybuilders and athletes able to make a dramatic leap upwards once they became exposed to Parrillo Products.

Tito had been doing a lot of things right for a lot of years before he crossed paths with Dr. Mike Feulner, a fixture on the New York City bodybuilding scene and one of the best nutrition coaches in the business. Because of his unique background, Tito began living the bodybuilding lifestyle from a very early age. He has been eating with great discipline and precision since age 15. He naturally gravitated toward intense weight training at a young age.  He made splendid progress for many years. In about the same time he was experiencing his first serious physical plateau, Tito met Mike. “Meeting Mike happened at just the right time for me. I had reached a point in my bodybuilding career where I needed some expert advice in order to take my physique to the next level. Mike opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas.”

Blessed with excellent genetics and tons of raw talent, Tito had a lot going for him. He always was a hard worker and always had lots of commitment. Mike exposed Tito to a dramatically different approach towards nutrition. Within weeks the stagnant athlete began to progress at a startling rate. “When I began working with Mike, I was amazed at the volume of food he wanted me to eat each and every day. I now know that in order to build a lot of muscle you need to eat a lot of food – but you have to eat the right kind of food at the right time. The volume of food I ate practically forced me to add size. Mike altered my training and we began concentrating on muscles that Mike felt needed improvement.” In addition to the huge amount of “clean” food he was eating, Tito began supplementing with powerful Parrillo Products. Simultaneously he focused extra training time targeting certain lagging muscle groups. Tito, at Mike’s suggestion, began concentrating on his lower back. “At Mike’s request, I began deadlifting, hard, heavy and often. The combination of quality calories, lots of Parrillo supplements, lots of power training and lots of focus, allowed me to bring up my lower and my upper back, and do so quickly. I was thrilled with my rapid progress.”

What makes Tito’s tale all the more dramatic is that this magnificently muscled man is a cancer survivor.  Tito Dudley was a regular kid living a regular life when at age 15 he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This type of cancer originates in white blood cells called lymphocytes. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is characterized by the spread of disease from one lymph node group to another. Hodgkin’s lymphoma may be treated with radiation therapy or chemotherapy, the choice of treatment depends on the age and sex of the patient. The disease occurrence shows two peaks: the first in young adulthood, ages 15–35 and over age 55. Tito underwent chemotherapy for six months and lost all his hair as a result. “I had much support from family and friends. I had friends shave their heads as a show of support for me during my battle.” Tito remembers how shocked he and his family were when he was first diagnosed with this potentially fatal cancer in 1996. “I was a healthy, normal, active kid growing up in the lower eastside of Manhattan, when suddenly I was diagnosed with cancer.” Tito was eventually able to beat the cancer.

One of the suggested strategies for preventing the reemergence of Hodgkin’s is to eliminate foods that contain chemicals. “In a strange way, my cancer experience guided me towards bodybuilding-style nutrition.” Tito began eating organic. “Among those who have Hodgkin’s, food purity is real important. Natural, organic foods are suggested, the idea is to eat foods not loaded with preservatives, chemicals or pesticides; this approach is highly recommended and I took to it right away. There are a lot of similarities between the organic foods that a cancer sufferer eats and the foods used in classic, bodybuilding-style nutrition. I became interested in bodybuilding right before getting sick. I was drawn towards the idea of building a herculean physique. I began reading the various muscle magazines. As part of my recovery I was introduced to recuperative nutritional strategies used by Hodgkin’s sufferers.” Tito described himself as “Heavy and a little chunky” before the onset of the cancer. After becoming cancer-free, he found that he had no real problems sticking to the clean, organic eating recommended. “I didn’t want any relapses, so I stayed true to the dietary guidelines I was given. In addition I started hitting the weights more frequently and with more intensity.”

Tito actually kept up his fledgling weight lifting efforts during his sickness. “Lifting weights was a great way to beat the stress associated with cancer. I always felt my best after a tough lifting session; so I began lifting regularly.” At age 20 and cancer free for five years, Tito built his physique up to a point that guys at the gym suggested he consider competing. He took the plunge and entered his first competition at age 20 and he hasn’t looked back since. “I like training and eating with a goal. Competing is the best way for me to stay continually focused and disciplined.” It seemed only natural that he gravitated towards a career as a Fitness professional. “I decided to become a personal trainer. I loved the idea of helping others improve their physiques and their health. I loved the idea that my experience as a cancer survivor could help kids, particularly kids that might find themselves in the same scary predicament I was once in. I felt my struggles, and how I coped, could be of real value to others going through the same thing.”

Though still a young man, Tito Dudley has a mountain of experience. He has been through a lot and overcome a lot and his competitive bodybuilding career and commitment to health make him an ideal spokesman for benefits of the bodybuilding lifestyle. He is continuing to improve his own physique. “I want to be a good physical example; I want to help others mold and shape their physiques. My approach towards working with regular people is to expose them to health and wellness through diet and exercise. Not everyone wants to be a competitive bodybuilder. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t use the strategies of the successful bodybuilder. Hard and effective training, both in the weight room and in cardio, combined with a serious and determined approach towards nutrition and diet, can be combined to yield tremendous results.” Tito’s struggles and triumphs have not gone unnoticed.

A few years back Tito teamed up with Jordan Friedman, an aspiring filmmaker. They decided to create a film designed to educate and inspire others on the positive benefits of exercise and healthy living. The docu-drama is called, The United States of Atrophy. A film crew followed Mr. Dudley around as he went about his life. The resulting film footage chronicles his miraculous transformation from cancer stricken teen to bodybuilding champion. The film is currently going through final editing and should be finished in a matter of weeks. “I am hoping that the documentary comes out later this year or early next year. I feel quite certain that when my story is shown to youngsters stricken with cancer that they will be inspired to fight harder and not let the disease beat them physically or mentally.” Tito has also traveled with a missionary group to St. Petersburg, Russia to help orphans.  “That was such a great experience for me to have at such a young age. I felt a need at the time to give back somehow someway, since God had spared my life. I am always looking at ways to inspire people.”

The documentary filmmakers feel that Tito’s story is compelling and inspirational. “You can fight back when stricken with a deadly disease. Fitness can be a powerful tool. Fitness can be used to beat back the physical and mental effects of disease. If I can give hope or inspiration to one kid stricken with cancer, then I feel that I have made a difference.” Tito continues to work with others and continues to compete. It is easy to foresee that this man that has already overcome so much will continue making tremendous improvement far into the foreseeable future. “I would like to thank Dr. Mike Feulner and my family; they have been a tremendous help to me…Cedric Stewart, Darryl Stewart, Deazie Gibson, Joe Esposito, Paul Frediani, Lorna Kleidman, and Dan Marks. These are the top trainers at the JCC in Manhattan. Most of all I would like to thank Theresa Neville, my girlfriend. She has been super supportive and cooks all of my food for me to eat during the week. Theresa has a degree in dance and practices ballet, modern dance and tap. She has been extremely helpful choreographing my posing routines for bodybuilding shows. I have learned after many years of competing that the more support you have the better bodybuilder you can become.”

Dr. Mike Feulner on Tito Dudley…

We alter Tito’s diet on a fairly regular basis to force changes in his body. Tito is a great guy and involved in the sport of bodybuilding for all the right reasons. He has a tremendous attitude and is very willing to learn new things. He asks many, many questions and instead of dismissing new ideas, like so many others do, he is open and inquisitive. I am very selective about whom I will work with and Tito has been a complete pleasure. Tito has a classic physique and is an entertaining poser. He works his tail off in the gym and has a great message. I am looking forward to big things from him in the future.


Training Split

Monday Legs

Tuesday Shoulders & Triceps

Wednesday Rest

Thursday Chest

Friday Back and Biceps

Saturday Rest

Sunday Rest

Cardio in the off season will range in session length from 45 to 60 minutes. Before a competition I will bump that up to 90 to 180 minutes, done in multiple daily sessions. I get a deep tissue massage once every two weeks. I stretch every day and often incorporate ballet movements, stretches and yoga postures to help with my posing and onstage posture. I make sure to incorporate fascial stretching into every weight training session. This is something John Parrillo taught me; Fascial Stretching has really increased my flexibility and muscular range-of-motion.


Meal Schedule

Meal 1

6 egg whites, 1 yolk

3 ounces of oatmeal

Meal 2

Parrillo Hi-Protein Shake

Meal 2

8 ounces of tilapia

4 ounces of sweet potato

4 ounces of broccoli

Meal 4

8 ounces of chicken

4 ounces of sweet potato

4 ounces of asparagus

Meal 5

8 ounces of tilapia

4 ounces of spinach

1 ounce of almonds

Meal 6

8 ounces of lean red meat, salmon or chicken

6 ounces of asparagus

1 ounce of almonds

Meal 7 (before bed)

Parrillo Optimized Whey Shake

6 Parrillo Liver Amino

Post workout: Tito drinks a double serving of Parrillo 50/50 Plus

Parrillo Supplements
taken each day with
each meal…

2 Ultimate Amino Formula

2 Muscle Amino Formula

1 Parrillo Fish Oil DHA 800 EPA 200 capsule

3-5 Parrillo Liver Amino
Formula tablets



2004 3rd Place NABBA Empire State

2004 2nd Place NBI USA Pro-AM

2005 2nd Place NBI Tri-State

2005 3rd Place NBI New York State

2006 1st Place INBF Hercules Championship

2006 4th Place INBF
Connecticut Championship

2008 3rd Place INBF Caribbean Grand Prix

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