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Tried and True VS. New and Improved – Why the old school methods still deliver

By Ron Harris

It’s only natural to assume that newer methods and technology are always superior to those of the past. In cases such as phones and computers, you would be correct. But think about today’s cars and movies versus the classics – the 2019 versions don’t have that same advantage. And so it goes with bodybuilding. Many of the younger aspiring bodybuilders right now are convinced that the way their father’s generation trained and ate is now obsolete. Ironically, being almost 50 myself now, I vividly recall seeing a lot more muscle in gyms back in the day! Here are just a few examples of why you’re often far better off sticking with tried and true methods that have been making men and women bigger and stronger for the better part of a century now.


Don’t get me wrong, I have always used and recommend machines. But without a solid mix of barbells and dumbbells in your training, you simply won’t ever realize your full potential for size and strength. Furthermore, most of the machines I still use were manufactured in the 80’s and 90’s. A great deal of what I see being produced now looks supremely high-tech and futuristic, but it doesn’t hit the muscle groups correctly at all. They were mainly designed to entice the average person as shiny gadgets that make training easier, while the vintage equipment was often designed by and for hardcore bodybuilders who wanted maximum results and were willing to work for it.



Many younger guys today sneer at the primitive dieting methods of bodybuilders from the past. They would eat just meat and vegetables, those cavemen! Today, these kids have figured out they can eat any type of carbohydrate they want, as long as it fits their macros. In other words, 100 grams of carbs from Fruity Pebbles is the same as 100 grams of carbs from brown rice. Right? Not quite. The modern crew also believes cheat meals are not only okay, but a necessary part of the diet process, mentally and physically. There has been a notable decrease in condition at contests over the last few years, despite this supposedly enlightened information. Nothing takes the place of good old-fashioned dieting on clean foods like chicken breasts, turkey, egg whites, fish, rice, oats, potatoes, and fibrous veggies. If you really need to have a ‘cheat meal’ or at least taste something delicious like a Parrillo bar, his PB for MCT™, High-protein muffin and pancake mix™, cake and cupcake mix™, contest cookies mix™, Protein Ice Kreem™, contest brownie mix™, or Protein Frosting mix™.


Finally, you’ve seen people hooking up rubber bands and chains to barbells and even dumbbells in the gym. I won’t dismiss their value completely, but these are far more suited to strength training as opposed to bodybuilding. There’s also a trend now in which trainers never take sets to failure, based on some studies they read. You won’t find a single exceptional physique today or of any era that wasn’t built with ball-busting effort, taking sets far beyond the pain threshold. Intensity builds immensity. If you don’t want to push as hard as possible, your physique will show it – or more accurately, fail to show it.

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