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About John Parrillo and Parrillo Performance

John Parrillo’s unique ideas have been hailed as “nothing short of revolutionary” by the bodybuilding press. His nutritional products and systems – bodybuilding supplements, protein powders, bars, workouts and diet plans – are used by champion bodybuilders and strength athletes worldwide. His innovative approach to building muscle and stripping fat is widely utilized by many of the top bodybuilders and strength and endurance athletes, and has been over the last 30 years.

John Parrillo is passionate in expressing his commitment to educating people.

“Top athletes know that for the best information, products, and service, there’s no one that compares to Parrillo Performance. We don’t just sell bodybuilding supplements and products. That’s easy. Anyone can do that. We teach you why your nutrition is important and how to increase the nutrients you feed your body each day. We stress how to perform exercises correctly to get the most out of your workouts. We tell you why aerobics should go hand-in-hand with weight training to give you a healthy, full physique. We give you detailed instruction on fascia stretching, so you can increase your flexibility and muscle size. And we teach you how to chart your body composition, so you know when you’re gaining lean mass and losing body fat.”


I have used Parrillo Supplements for a long, long time. They are, without a doubt, potent and effective.
Pam Adams
I want the best products for myself and my clientele
Kelly O’Brien
My husband tells people I Cracked the code when it comes to discoverinag result-producing training and effective nutrition. I reminded him that I cracked the code because I was peeking over John Parrillo’s shoulder
Linda Nelson
Parrillo products have the potency I am looking for and the taste is amazing
Justin Savich
Everything I have learned about training, nutrition and fitness comes from John Parrillo
Jeremy Hughes
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Your Parrillo Workout

  • Deadlift (conventional) 2×8, 2×5, 1×3, 1×1, 1×8
  • Leg Press (medium stance, knees follow toes) 3×8
  • Calves 4×12 (seated)
  • Shrugs 3×8
  • Seated Rows (narrow grip) 3×8
  • Pull Downs 2×8 (wide grip), 2×8 (close grip)
  • Sit-ups 3×25
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